What is stress? We have all experienced stress at one time or another. Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have trouble sleeping because you can’t shut off your mind? Maybe you wake up before your alarm? Do you have worries that are difficult to control? Do you have trouble relaxing? Do you notice that you feel agitated or irritable? Do you feel tense or experience frequent headaches? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are experiencing a heightened level of stress. That’s ok, we all experience a high level of stress at one time or another. New events and changes, even happy ones can bring an increased level of stress. A new baby or job, career change, a move or transition can bring about feelings of stress and anxiety and interfere with our ability to relax, experience joy, and sleep. Other stressors can include difficulties at work, politics, the current administration, boredom at work, difficulties getting along with your partner, raising children, aging parents, illness, the list goes on and on. Life can get stressful sometimes! You can learn strategies to take it in stride, be more in the present moment and find effective solutions to your problems so they don’t have to interfere with your daily life or ability to experience enjoyment. I am skilled in evidenced based approaches that can help with these very issues and help you feel less stress and enjoy the present moment more fully. Call me today for a free consultation.